Friday, March 10, 2006

Does This Template Make My Submission Look Fat?

For about two weeks now, every time I try to use Yahoo!'s Bulk Upload tool, I've been getting a "file too large" error, telling me to keep my submission to under 5000 listings or 2 MB. But I've been a good girl and have made sure my submissions meet the size limits. Yahoo!'s Support Center representatives have been handling my submissions instead, which pretty much negates the whole purpose of having a Bulk Upload tool; I've been told they can't replicate the problem I'm experiencing. (I was, however, impressed to find them handling my case shortly before 6PM on a Friday. Go home, guys!)

Is it just me? Is anyone else having this problem? ...Bueller?...

Meanwhile, I entertain myself reading Xooglers, a blog by former Googlers. It's fascinating to read reminiscences about the early days of the company.