Sunday, August 21, 2005

Robert Scoble Asks, And Robert Scoble Shall Receive

I'm at BAR Camp, where I gave a talk on Saturday about Google AdWords basics. Robert Scoble complained that I had no blog. Scoble, me voici.

This blog will be devoted exclusively to Serious Professional Stuff: search engine marketing (SEM), search engines in general, and other highfalutin topics. To kick things off, here are my slides from my AdWords talk. (I probably should develop a Serious Professional Website also in the near future.)

All I want is for people to know what the hell SEM is so that I don't have to keep explaining myself every time I meet someone new and get the inevitable question, "What do you do?" This has been a lifelong problem: my father works in the epitaxy sub-field of the semiconductor industry, which I understand vaguely as "putting things on top of other things" (namely, a thin layer of crystals on a silicon wafer). My mother, when I was younger, was a Japanese<->English technical translator. I would tell them, "Why can't you be a construction worker and a secretary, or something similarly commonplace?" And here I am, following in their footsteps, working in an industry that currently can't be summed up for most people in a neat little phrase. Moreover, I've learned to celebrate not being commonplace. Thanks, Mom and Dad.